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Visions of magic by pwassonne

This piece is both visually appealing and philosophically compelling. The idea of defining magic as something that exists separate from the individual is an interesting. The traditional notion of magic is that it is something that must work through people in order to act upon the world. For instance, magic must be spoken or rituals perform. Magic is cause and effect. The wave of the wand or, in Catholicism, the making of the sign of the cross to ward off evil(a hint at Christianity's shamanistic roots), are magical acts . Without them, magic can't manifest.

Now, magic may exist in the ether when it is not being called forth. Or some people may call things that would not be traditionally considered magic, magical - a profound love, godly miracles, serendipitous events, etc. I take the stand that magic does not exist in any form. The closest you can get to magic is incomprehensibly advanced technologies, which Arthur C. Clarke said "would be indistinguishable from magic." Of course, even such technology is mythical for now.

Although I understand the need to provide background to the piece, I think the description you gave might be too long. Sadly, most people today have short attention spans. I think the artwork provides enough information for the observer to decipher the intended direction/subject of the piece.
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pwassonne Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much for the Critique! ^_^
As for the description, I am considering removing it from the deviation page and posting it as a Journal itself, so that it is very clear that reading it is not needed to appreciate the work itself. Had there been a cut or spoiler feature, I would have used it here so as not to make the description look overwhelming the way it probably does. ^^"
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